Burton Adjustable

Burton Adjustable

The Burton Foam+ Memory Mattress is made up of high performance foam plus a layer of memory foam which provides long lasting comfort, moulding perfectly to the sleepers body. The foam is specifially engineered adaptive deep RX Foam Core specfically designed for maximum comfort control.

The mattress is complete with a luxury breathable stretch fabric cover for that extra special comfort touch and smooth, uninterupted sleep.

The single-sided mattress construction means that there is no need to flip your mattress. Pro-long the life of your mattress by regualarly rotating 180 degrees to maximise mattress comfort and get the most out of your mattress.

Available in Small Single, Single and Small Double sizes.

• 5 Part action – consisting of individual neck, back, lumber, upper and lower leg sections

• 2 motor system – one for head/back, one for legs/feet (within one casing)

• 25 stone weight capacity

• Strong birch plywood natural finish inner wood sections

• 60mm plywood natural finish side rails

• 28 sprung birch slats – individually and automatically flexing to support each body shape and position

• Twin shoes with added suspension giving a softer feel

• Firmness adjuster zone for lumber region – the action is pre-set in the lumber region at the firmest setting to support the body, this can be made softer on users preference

• Centre belt to distribute point loads – this prevents slat breakages

• 5 year guarantee A*TWIN DRIVE MOTOR • Strong and reliable twin drive motor

• Emergency lowering optional when 9-volt battery added CABLED A*56 HANDSET

• Cabled handset with modern, ergonomic design **OPTIONAL UPGRADE RADIO FREQUENCY A*37 HANDSET

• Modern handset with slim design - only 15mm thick

• Strong signal between handset and motor – 5 metres

• Silicon rubber keypad for soft touch buttons

• Matte Black finish with gloss inlay for premium look

• Receiver box with emergency lowering feature to get the bed flat if handset lost