Bedroom Furniture Delivery and Fitting Information Working Together

                      Bedroom Furniture Delivery & Fitting Information
Working Together

  1. Firstly we would like to thank you for your purchase of bedroom furniture from our store. To help us to help you we would ask you to read through the following regarding your purchase and installation of your furniture
  2. Self Assembly Products will be delivered to your home free of charge and placed where required.
  3. Assembly Products will be delivered  to the room of your choice, removing and disposing of all packaging and assembled accordingly. Please also read main terms and conditions on the reverse of you invoice.
  4. Deliveries are made using our fleet of Vehicles the largest of which is our Luton bodied van at 11ft 8" High 23ft Long & 9ft Wide. Please advise if they will have difficulty gaining access to parking at your delivery address. Over hanging trees and narrow driveways are the most common problems together with yellow lines. We cannot accept any liability for any indentation or sinking to driveways caused by our vehicles.  Please make sure access to your home is clear.
  5. Please check your internal access to the room where the furniture is to be positioned. Narrow  halls, spiral staircase & lower ceilings may prevent access for larger items. Please remove any items such as wall mirrors, pictures or lampshades that protrude or impede access within your home and protect your floor/flooring as we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to your possessions whilst delivery is taking place.
  6. All the bedroom furniture that we deliver are free standing and are assembled in your home not fitted. We request that the room should be as clear as possible for our fitters to work. Any request made to our fitters to carry out any work which is outside the remit such as removing existing furniture/floor coverings or any other request maybe undertaken at the discretion as a goodwill gesture but entirely at your own risk.
  7. The furniture can be assembled on either bare or covered floor. If on carpet, it is recommended you remove any “smooth edge” gripper rods as this can affect the leveling of your furniture. Uneven floors may cause the furniture to be out of alignment necessitating the use of packaging wedges to level the furniture. Whilst reasonable effort is made to level units, this cannot be guaranteed on uneven floors.
  8. Where floors are extremely uneven, it is advisable to have a joiner construct a platform to help alleviate this problem prior to delivery. We also find from time to time that the floor and the walls are not at true right angles so the furniture may not always look level.
  9. With regards to tall height furniture that covers a large surface area of the wall it is advisable that the skirting board should remain on. This keeps the furniture off the wall to allow airflow around the back for circulation reasons. This is more important on external walls where temperature fluctuation is greater.
  10. Replacement of defective or missing items will normally be made in 6/8 working weeks. Our policy is to always replace any item to our normal manufacturing standards rather than make financial allowances.
  11. In the event of any service requirement arising after delivery, please contact Hills Furniture Store where one of our members of staff will open a service report. We may have to come out to your home and inspect your furniture.